Selasa, 24 April 2012

0 The EntreBar is here!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited Entrecard Toolbar is here and it’s smokin’ hot. The toolbar is for Firefox only, so if you’re not running the best browser on the net, I suggest you download Firefox 3. Again, to make sure it works properly, make sure you are running FIREFOX 3.
Ok, that being said, you can download the Entrebar Here.
Now, being that this is a toolbar, it will install directly to your browser. It packs the entire site (I’m still amazed at this baby), and it also enhances your ability to do a lot of Entrecard related things. Let’s jump right into it.


Quick Account Switching:

The first button you see is a button that lists all your accounts. Using this button, you can switch instantly between any account you own. If you don’t have multiple blogs listed at Entrecard, this won’t affect you.

Your Entrecard Menu:

The second button gives you a report of how many credits you have, and how many drops you’ve done today. Click it, and it will drop down to give you the options of visiting your dashboard, messagebox, ad calendar, Statistics, Linked Blogs page, and the buy EC page.

Who to Browse:

You can select your Inbox, Favorites, or any Entrecard Category you like, and browse these sites with a single click of a button right from your browser. The Toolbar will automatically take you to these sites.

How to Browse:

Want to browse your Inbox by the Most Popular? Or, would you like to go through the least expensive sites in the Technology category? Or perhaps you’d like to go through the most advertised sites in the celebrity category, because if they’re the most advertised, the blog is probably great. Entrecard Toolbar makes it possible.

The Jump Buttons

Click on the single green arrow, and you will instantly be taken to an Entrecard site. Click the double green arrow, and your browser will open the next 10 Entrecard sites, as per your specifications in “How to Browse” and “What to Browse”.

One-Touch Favorites

The Entrecard Toolbar allows you to bookmark your favorites with a single click. While on any Entrecard site, a heart icon will appear in the browser. If its shaded gray, it means the person is not in your favorites.

And if it lights up bright red, that means they are in your favorites.

You can add someone to your favorites, or remove someone from your favorites, simply by clicking the button. This will toggle between them, and confirm your action by displaying the appropriate heart icon.

One-Click Advertising

That’s right, Entrecard’s famous one-click advertising is now coming at you from the browser. Any site you are on will display its price in the browser, and with just a single click, you can advertise on that site.

Interaction Menu

We also packed a menu into the toolbar that gives you all the options to interact with a site. That means that right from the toolbar, you can go to someone’s profile, write them a recommendation, Tip them (give them credits), or report them for a violation.

Not only will this help improve community interaction, it should also increase the efficiency with which we weed out low quality blogs.

Entrecard Menu

Finally, we have a dropdown “Entrecard” menu, which will take you to the Entrecard Blog, the community forum, the support forum, the Bugs forum, and the Help section of the website. It will also allow you to log out.

Can you feel the excitement??

Needless to say, we are incredibly excited about this toolbar. It ports the entire Entrecard experience right to your browser, and lets it take it with you. I’ve been testing it for the past few days, and I usually keep it set to my Inbox at Random. Whenever I have a spare moment I jump around to see who’s been dropping on me, and I can’t tell you how many new blogs I’m coming across and commenting on.
You may not realize it now, but this is probably the single greatest development that Entrecard has made since we launched. This will fundamentally change the entire Entrecard system and your Browser becomes the cornerstone for your Entrecard experience, and lets you take it with you wherever you go.

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